ZukulAdNetwork and AdsTraordinary
"Cross Advertising System"
The Advertising / Marketing Strategy!


First you must know that DailyNetPay Advertising Platform is connected with 2 different highly effective advertising sources where you can promote your offers and Earn Great additional income. These two sources are the ZAN (ZukulAdNetwork) and AdsT (AdsTraordinary Login Ads).

With "Cross Advertising System" we offer our DNP advertising sources/services to ZAN members in order for them to grow their ZAN business. Simply they will join the DNP advertising platform and buy DNP Ad Paks to promote their ZAN opportunity. In DNP they already have the DNP-ZAN Capture pages set up with autoresponder.

The 2nd part of the "Cross Advertising System" is where you come in. If you have joined the ZukulAdNetwork under the DNP-ZAN-TEAM as your sponsor OR you have joined under a sponsor that is in the DNP-ZAN-TEAM and have purchased at least ($50) or 50 ZAN Ad Packs Level 1You are Qualified To Earn Sharable DNP-ZAN-TEAM income. Double Earnings from ZAN. Please remember, THIS IS A MUST, You Must Surf 10 Ads in ZAN in order to Earn Revenue Share Income on them and to Earn Shareable Income from our DNP-ZAN-TEAM.

 When you have funded your ZAN account with at least $50 and purchased the 50 ZAN Ad Packs, (proof might be needed), you will also be entered as a paid member into the DailyNetPay Advertising Platform at the DNP Ad Pak #1 where you will be able to use our 4 Banner Ads linked with any of the 3 DNP-ZAN capture pages (listed below) to promote on the worldwide web:

1. http://www.dailynetpay.com/ar/dzt-5000/johnk

2. http://www.dailynetpay.com/ar/dzt-willutry/johnk

3. http://www.dailynetpay.com/ar/dnp-zan-team/johnk

Then if you would like to have CONTINUOUS advertising (it's a must if you want to reach a moderate level of success) that will promote your DNP-ZAN capture pages and your DNP offer, simply purchase the DNP Ad Pak #2 (Best Choice) or DNP Ad Pak #4. This will give you plenty of automated advertising.

Once You Are A Member of the ZukulAdNetwork (have active ad packs)
then USE the Suggested Way To Promote your DNP-ZAN!

In the ZukulAdNetwork under heading > Business Directory where you can promote your offer by using banner ads, I highly recommend to advertise your DNP opportunity or better yet PROMOTE those 3 DNP-ZAN capture pages  (above) linking them with any of the 4 Banner Ads shown below

       BANNER IMAGE URL: http://dailynetpay.com/zan-mbrs.jpg

       BANNER IMAGE URL: http://dailynetpay.com/zan-mbrs1.jpg

       BANNER IMAGE URL: http://dailynetpay.com/zan-mbrs2.jpg

       BANNER IMAGE URL: http://dailynetpay.com/zan-mbrs3.jpg

Below are additional Banner Ads, attach your DNP-ZAN Capture Page link to them and Promote ANYWHERE online as much as possible.



      BANNER IMAGE URL: http://dailynetpay.com/dnp-zant1.jpg

      BANNER IMAGE URL: http://dailynetpay.com/dnp-zant2.jpg

       BANNER IMAGE URL: http://dailynetpay.com/dnp-zan3.jpg

       BANNER IMAGE URL: http://dailynetpay.com/dnp-zan4.jpg

                                  BANNER IMAGE URL: http://www.dnp-zan-team.com/dzt-728-90.jpg

                                  BANNER IMAGE URL: http://dailynetpay.com/dnp-zan728.jpg

                                    BANNER IMAGE URL: http://dailynetpay.com/dn-zan728a.jpg

            BANNER IMAGE URL: http://dailynetpay.com/dnp-zan550x400.jpg

Below Is The Answer To the MOST ASKED Question!

What Happens To Those Who Join Under You?
Can They Be Part Of The DNP-ZAN-TEAM if they have joined under you?

Yes they can.

You will need to be in contact with them and let them know about our DNP-ZAN-TEAM.
You can provide this site which contains all the details they will need.

If you have joined under a sponsor who is in the DNP-ZAN-TEAM
and you have spend at least $50 on ZAN Ad Packs,
you can be included in the DNP-ZAN-TEAM's Sharable Income,

then please contact John Kielec

dailynetpay@gmail.com with subject: DZT- My Details!

and provide:
  • Your ZAN registration info (full name and email address)
  • Your ZAN referral link
  • Stating who is your upline (copy from your ZAN member's area)
  • Email me proof of the $50 spend on the Zan Ad Packs


http://dailynetpay.com/dnp-loginads-logo.png http://dailynetpay.com/adsT+dnp-matrix.png
My past and current advertising tests show that using Login Ads to promote any offer (squeeze or capture page) is the MOST effective way to get interested prospects. This type of advertising has always produced most prospects and with highest conversion rate. In AdsTraordinary Login Ads you can promote your DNP-ZAN-TEAM, DailyNetPay opportunity or which I highly suggest to promote your DNP Ad Pak #3 which can really boost your earnings and receive INSTANT and DIRECT payments of $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 and $200.

Once you become a paid member of the AdsTraordinary, (be upgraded with 1st three levels so you will not loose paid members as most join at these 3 levels and the DNP Ad Pak #3 also places a Paid member at those 1st three levels), use the banner ads and connect them with one of the DNP-AdsT capture pages as mentioned below:

BANNER IMAGE URL: http://dailynetpay.com/adsT-b4.jpg


BANNER IMAGE URL: http://dailynetpay.com/1paidm.jpg


BANNER IMAGE URL: http://dailynetpay.com/1paidmem.jpg

BANNER IMAGE URL: http://dailynetpay.com/dnp-ap3.jpg

BANNER IMAGE URL: http://dailynetpay.com/dnp-ap3-1.jpg

BANNER IMAGE URL: http://easynetbiz4u.com/youmustearn1.jpg

BANNER IMAGE URL: http://easynetbiz4u.com/youmustearn2.jpg

BANNER IMAGE URL: http://easynetbiz4u.com/youmustearn3.jpg

To those banner ads above attach any of the DNP-AdsT capture pages:

1. http://www.dailynetpay.com/ar/directcash/johnk

2. http://www.dailynetpay.com/ar/one4you/johnk

Tip: Promote the above link #1and #2 in the AdsTraordinary Login Ads source.

Please Note: The Capture Page links above contain my DNP Id.
Login to your DNP member's area and go to "URLs and Banners"

to get your links or simply just replace them with your DNP ID.

Want Effective Marketing Strategy?

You have 8 DNP-AdsT Banner Ads and 5 Capture Page links above,
now go and promote anywhere online where banner ads are accepted,
and to EACH BANNER AD shown above attach those 5 different Capture Page links.

You will have total of (8 x 5) 40 banner ad advertisments running.
This is how to market effectively. It's nothing hard, it just takes little work.
Those who earn from $400 to $900+ with the DailyNetPay Advertising Platform
have anywhere from 80 to 110 active advertisements running each and every month.

During the Most Responsive Months,
from mid September to December
and from beginning of January to mid June,
I personally have from 900 to 1400 ads running out there.

         Got Questions or Concerns?